In collaboration with the Bristol Bath Science park the PhysiCAD team are placing a Lego build environment at the science park to explore several of the project’s key research areas.

The build environment (the rig), is a mobile Lego build area that can record user interactions and play them back. A series of cameras mounted around the build area will record timelapses and play them back on an interactive touch screen mounted on the corner pillar. A high powered projector mounted above the build area will also allow images to be displayed on the build space, such as floor plans.

People working at the Bristol Bath Science park will be invited to use the PhysiCAD rig to explore the site’s ongoing development, including the construction of a new building and the reconfiguration of existing space. With the timelapses individual’s will be able to see what has been built before and how constructions have evolved.

IMG_9146 IMG_9147 IMG_9148 IMG_9149