I spent today (in the rain!) demonstrating the PhysiCAD big rig in Knowle West, a community in Bristol. Knowle West has one of the highest needs for additional social housing in Bristol and there is an ambitious project to enable local citizens to build and own their own houses as part of a community initiative (We Can Make). The PhysiCAD rig was there to help people conceptualise the layout of new houses in the area and imagine how they might deal with the impact of new neighbours. Common questions surrounded how parking might be affected, how people could gain access to gardens, and the potential for being overlooked in gardens. The PhysiCAD rig used maps scaled to standard LEGO bricks (a 2×4 brick would equate to 0.5x1m) to help people answer these questions.

Despite the rain we had a great turnout and lots of enthusiasm for kickstarting a house building revolution led by ordinary citizens.