The PhysiCAD “big rig” is currently taking part in the Knowle West Media Centre Citizen housing exhibition “We Can Make”. The We Can Make project is looking to enable local residents of Knowle West to increase the availability of housing in the area by building new houses in “infill gaps” between existing houses. These smaller plots are traditionally ignored by housing developers as they often have mixed ownership (private/council) and can be difficult to access. The PhysiCAD system is helping Knowle West residents reimagine how these plots could be used to build houses on by providing scale maps and a LEGO build environment to generate concept house layouts.

Recently the PhysiCAD system has also been used to explore the redesign and development of the Fillwood community centre, a social hub for the local area. The community centre is used by several different groups and there is a strong desire for them all to be able to provide input into how the centre could be redesigned to meet the needs of people better.